Our review of artificial stones for your landscaping needs.

Are you hitting a plateau with your landscaping endeavors? There’s a good chance that the thing that could get you over the hump and make a big splash with your yard is incorporating faux rocks into your designs.  The difference these can make in your lawn can be very significant.

But why use a fake stone instead of a real one?  Well the main reason people prefer this is because of the weight.  A real stone can be extremely heavy, causing shipping to your home to be extremely difficult if you do it yourself, or extremely expensive if you have it shipped by a company.  Even if you don’t mind paying the cost of having someone else ship it for you, you still have to deal with putting this heavy thing in the place you want.  And sometimes after placement, you realize that you want to see how it looks in a different location, or would like to spin it around so it faces a different direction.  Now on top of what you have already paid, you have to pay for pain killers, muscle relaxers, or my preference, chiropractic care.  And all of this is a concern only if you are lucky enough to find one that meets your expectations for visual appeal.

But how do you know what fake rocks are the best?  Well we’ve gone through a variety of them here, and provide links to purchase them if you are interested.

Best Artificial Boulder

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Best Artificial Boulder



This one is perfect for those that need a large piece in their landscaping, whether for the straight visual appeal, or if needed to cover something very large.  Luckily, this one is made with a more aerodynamic shape, because if it weren’t, chances are this expensive item would end up a few blocks away in a windy storm.  Approximate measurements of these are 54.5 Inch long x 40 Inch wide; peak is 31 Inch high, so there is not much that can’t be covered with one of these beasts.  They come in your choice of tan or gray, and being hand painted allows you to purchase more than one without worrying about them being clones of each other.

The fiberglass composite material these are made of is covered with an acrylic exterior to help with longevity and weather resistance.  Obviously, this one is expected to be the heaviest of the reviewed items with its massive size, but the 42 lbs. seems like nothing when you consider what a real boulder of this size would be.

At about $335, it is definitely the most expensive of any that we are recommending, but the quality of this item could not be matched by anything else approaching this size.

Best Jumbo Artificial Rock


Are you in need of a very large fake stone?  Chances are this one will make you happy.  It is designed brilliantly and will be sure to fool any onlookers into believing that it is actually real.  Each one of these is hand painted, so if you want more than one, they will not look exactly the same.  Beyond the great appearance, they can be very useful for covering things that are eyesores and take away from the overall attractiveness of your  yard since it is hollow.  Have a stump or something else somewhere that looks terrible?  Cover it with this.  These are also handy for covering pipes and wires.

They are made with a fiberglass composite and have a durable acrylic exterior, enabling these to stand up to various climates.  The 14 lbs. is also significantly easier to handle than a real stone of this size would be.

Priced at about $145, this one is pricier than a lot, but the quality offered could not be matched by any of the others we considered in this category.

Best Jumbo Artificial Stone

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Best Tall Artificial Rock

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Best Tall Artificial Rock


For those of you who are after a fake stone that has more height with a smaller footprint, I’ll direct toward this beauty made by Algreen.  This one works great for covering objects that are tall like electrical cable junction boxes, wells, or sprinkler system risers.  Durability is delivered by making these with a durable polymer, so varying climates should not be an issue.  The look is authentic enough to make your neighbors believe you lugged in a real stone to beautify your yard, but you don’t have to worry about the risk of a real stone like this tipping over and causing injury.

The dimensions of 21.5 x 16 x 18 inches means that the footprint is small enough to fit in tighter spaces, but the height is accommodating to fit in those taller items that stick out like a sore thumb.  At less than 5 lbs, virtually anybody can handle setting this up wherever it will fit, and not have to strain themselves doing it.

At the mid $50 range, this one has excellent value, nothing else in this category can compete with.  Something tells me the price on this one may be going in the future since the quality is so much greater than the price reflects.