The Best Adirondack Chairs

All you need to know to find the highest quality wood, plastic, or wicker Adirondack chair

Welcome to A4 Adirondack Chairs.  We take the time to investigate some of the things that make our yards beautiful, inviting, and comfortable.  If you are in the market for things like Adirondack chairs or faux rocks, then we are here to point you in the direction of the right mix of quality and value.

There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of a nicely built Adirondack chair in the yard when you want to relax outside, enjoy your favorite beverage, have a conversation with loved ones,  or just enjoy the weather.  But those nice, warm and fuzzy thoughts can turn into frustration if that piece of furniture is uncomfortable, doesn’t hold up to the elements, or is of poor quality.  Let’s face it, we’ve all been there with some purchase we’ve made, and it’s not enjoyable.

You are too busy to scour through all of the offerings and analyze what will work best for you.  Don’t worry, that’s why we are here!  We’ve done it so you don’t have to.  We’ve broken our choices down into the categories we think you’ll be most interested in.

Best Rustic Adirondack Chair

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Best Rustic Adirondack Chair


Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Lounge Chair, Natural


Here is one of our favorites for many reasons.  The white cedar offers a more rustic look and feel than many of the others we looked at.  This gives it more of a sense of being custom made.  The contours really make it more comfortable than you may think as well.  The angle of the seat back is a little more upright than your standard Adirondack as well.  This one is not finished, so be prepared for some natural cracking if you don’t do that job.  We think that this cracking only adds to the rustic personality of the furniture, but some have reported the cracking is excessive southern climates, so keep that in mind.  You’ll have to decide based on your climate what type of seal or finish will work best for you.

The assembly of this chair actually wasn’t that bad.  The back and seat are pre-assembled, so this saves the time of attaching all of those slats.  You’ll definitely want a drill to make the job a little easier and avoid the risk of stripping out the screw heads.  Also, there were reports of uneven legs on flat surfaces, so if you are putting these on a porch or patio, you may have some extra work on your hands to get an even footing.

At a little over $120, we think that this American made chair a great offering if you want to go for the super-rustic look.

Best Weather Resistant Adirondack Chair


POLYWOOD SH22MA Seashell Adirondack


Here is our top pick for those who are looking for a chair that will hold up in any climate with no maintenance.  These chairs are beautiful and comfortable.  Not being made of real wood has advantages other than being able to maintain their original look in any climate.  There is no uneven warping that can cause things like uneven footing.  A quick hosing can clean away almost anything that gets on it.  But let’s be honest, the biggest benefit for most people who buy this is the hassle free aspect of owning them.  These things look and feel like they’ll look just as good in 20 years as they do now, which it should since it comes with a 20 year warranty.

Putting these together was the easiest of any we had to assemble.  Only minutes after getting all of the pieces out, the chair was up and ready to go.

The only issue we have with these is the same issue we have with any faux wood product – be careful sitting on one that has been in the hot sun for any time as this material absorbs heat and will burn.  We recommend putting these in a shaded area, covering a little before use, or maybe hosing right before use to cool them down.

At around $450, these are toward the top of the price range of the chairs we reviewed, but it is tough to get this quality along with the benefits you’ll get with these.


Best Weather Resistant Adirondack Chair

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Best Budget Adirondack Chair

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Best Budget Adirondack Chair


Bear Chair BC101P Pine Muskoka Chair Kit



Let’s face it, not everyone is able to pay $100’s for Adirondack chairs.  So we’ve brought a review of something a little more affordable.  After taking a look at a lot in this category that were lacking, we came across this gem of an offering.  We were surprised at how comfortable these were.

Assembly want that complicated, but takes longer than others.  It’s a good idea to use wood glue on the non-moving parts as the instructions suggest, and this is where the extra time comes in for assembly, since that glue needs time to dry.  You might want to stain these, but you’ll definitely need to put a finish or seal on this pine to protect it from the elements after giving it a quick sanding.

At around $65, you’ll definitely find the value you’re after with these.  If you really have your eye on the more expensive chairs, but they are not quite in your budget yet, this the route you should take.  And when you finally are at the point where you can afford those more expensive ones, these should still be in pretty good condition, so let a friend or family member enjoy these after your new ones arrive!

Best Wicker Adirondack Chair


Patio-Sense Coconino All-Weather-Wicker Adirondack Chair with Beige Cushion and Lumbar Pillow



Here is a chair that we had to make room for.  No chair that we ran into was as comfortable as this one.  It definitely is a different look than you might want if you have your heart set on the classic Adirondack chair, but we strongly encourage to find a spot somewhere for a couple of these.  Just don’t sit down on them if you have to be somewhere any time soon, because you might drift off into la-la land after a few minutes in one of these.  These come with a cushion and lumbar pillow, so be careful about staining them.

Assembly was not an issue, but we advise you not to wing it when putting these together.  Read and follow the instructions, and you’ll be fine.  Make sure to assemble on a surface that won’t damage the finish when you find it necessary to flip it over to insert and tighten screws.

At roughly $140, this is a definite value for hours of blissful relaxation and a great look to go with it.

Best Wicker Adirondack Chair

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Here is an instructional video for assembling the Polywood Adirondack chair reviewed above:

Allen A. Anderson

Allen A. Anderson

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